Garden design in Somerset

The winter months are a perfect time to plan a garden. During the last 4 months I have spent many days at my drawing board whilst the rain beat against the window and the gardens across Somerset lay water logged.  I have of course on occasion got wet; site visits, rain coats and muddy boots are a part of the job however it is best to keep off wet soil (as its delicate soil structure is easily damaged) so having a desk full of projects was perfect. 

Recent projects include a wonderful large private garden in Devon, a corporate design and build around a new health centre and three small private gardens in the Blagdon and Wells areas. 

I love the early stages of the design process, working to the brief whilst setting my imagination free, experimenting with ideas, shapes and form to produce a series of concepts for each client.  Working up the concept sketches into final  drawings is more detailed work, slower, more intense but most satisfying.  Of the above projects, one is complete (built, planted and growing), 2 are in progress (sites cleared, levelled, water features being installed) and 2 are waiting for the landscapers to begin work.

Now that we have had a couple of dry weeks, I am torn between my drawing board and my own garden.  At least the days are now getting longer so I will be able to snatch the odd hour here and there and be able to keep everyone happy!