Shepton Mallet Snowdrop Festival

I am very involved in the Shepton Mallet Snowdrop Festival that will take place on 16 & 17 February.  This is the third year of the festival, it celebrates the life of James Allen, the first man to hybridise snowdrops.  The festival is held in the Market Place and church although there are 100’s of…

Dahlias trending in 2019

“Dive into Dahlias” is a lecture by Noami Slade taking place Saturday 9th March at 11am at St Paul’s School, Shepton Mallet.  Everything you want to know about Dahlias including a propagation demonstration that I will run after the lecture.  Tickets £8

Snowy tracks

The snow blankets the garden, bends snowdrop and hellebore flowers to the ground and reveals otherwise unseen tracks.  I am looking forward to warmer temperatures so I can get gardening and my vegetable seeds to germinate