Dragons eggs by the fire

First the dragon, then the nests now the eggs…  The Bishops Palace in Wells has commissioned me over the past 3 years to weave a 12 meter long dragon, two large nests and now 5 special dragon’s eggs.  The dragon is hidden in the arboretum at the Palace and forms the end point to a children’s dragon trail. 

The date has been in the diary a long time so today I put on all my warmest clothes, hats, gloves, extra socks… and set off with some trepidation to work outdoors in the arboretum – willow weaving and arctic weather conditions do not go well together.  The Palace provided me with two eager volunteers to help with the weaving, we all put on a brave face but only lasted 90 minutes before the cold got to our bones.  We were then installed in the Palace entrance hallway in front of a crackling fire – what bliss!  

Thank you Pam and Sheila for your help with the weaving.