Having been brought up in a very rural setting,  I chose a career in horticulture however sculptural work using natural materials has become a very important part of my life over the last 20 years.  I use willow as well as other natural materials such as hazel, bramble, wild clematis, iris leaves, New Zealand flax, dogwoods, etc…  More recently I have begun to explore the use of natural material with ceramics.  My parents were ceramicists (my mother still is) so it is interesting to me that I have come full circle and now include their medium in my work.

Sun basket
Stoneware and cane
Stoneware and Sisyrinchium
Murmuration form
Stoneware and Sisyrinchium
Willow, Clematis and dogwood
Ginkgo and Cornus
Iris and Crocosmia
Large willow installation
Tumbling leaf forms
Leaf petioles
Murmuration form

Short video of me talking about the willow dragon I made for the Bishops Palace in Wells in 2011

A short TV piece for BBC South Today 2008