The Blue School – Wells

This is a raised level area bordered by two straight banks, there are several semi mature trees and a glasshouse.  One bank has been scalloped to create a free flowing form, the other bank built up using gabions filled with local stone.  The overall design uses very organic  forms to detract from the large adjacent school building (see entry ‘7 November’) as well as to create an inviting and useful division of space for outdoor teaching.   A wildlife pond, seating, six extra trees and a curved landform ‘amphitheatre’ have been created.  The planting uses a backbone of shrubs such as dogwoods to create winter colour, there is an underplanting of low growing herbaceous and bulbs and one area uses hardy annual seed mixes, as devised by Sheffield University, to create sequential flowering from May til October.

section of plan

Site surveyed with students, see entry: November 7th, 2009