My garden at Hampton Court Flower Show

In March 2004 I was commissioned by Frederick Warne to design a garden for Hampton Court Palace Flower Show just three months later! This was to launch their new book Garden Fairies – The Lore and Language of Flowers. The garden was simply designed relying on wildflowers, roses and willow to provide a beautiful and relaxing world where fairies and children might play and where adults relax.

It was a garden to encourage wildlife as well as addressing issues of sustainability in terms of the recycled Yorkstone paving and home grown willow. It promoted local crafts and sustainably managed woodlands in its use of wattle fencing. It also included some edible fruiting plants and a log cairn to provide winter shelter to wildlife as well as habitat for fungi.

The garden aimed to harmonise a traditional natural theme with the contemporary, providing structure, purpose, relaxation and low maintenance.

flower fairy garden gala night willows & copper bowl