Exhibition preview

My ‘Taking Refuge’ exhibition opens tonight until 10 March, here is a sneak preview of some of the work.
There is a workshop on Saturday 3rd March to learn a simple knotting technique for wall hangings, see ‘workshop’ page.

In this exhibition I draw links with the shape of the wigwams to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs where shelter is of prime importance. Nests signify many things however here they can symbolise the higher levels on Maslow’s hierarchy, for example security, family, love. Esteem and self actualization at the tip of the pyramid or wigwam, have to be reached for, by taking refuge somewhere safe, there is the opportunity to grow and fulfill dreams.

I love the winter starling murmurations that occur in Somerset, these vast numbers of starlings have taken flight from northern Scandinavia to escape the winter cold there, to find food and shelter here. The work on the exhibition walls are  entitled ‘flight’ representing this phenomenon.

Review from a visitor “Angela. I have to say that I think it is the best yet – inspiring, moving and masterful. I loved the description of what you were aiming to achieve, and the range of materials, the different techniques, and the vision I think are extraordinary.

I loved the tall pods, but also the delicate works like ‘Flight’, with the woven fans of Miscanthus and their delicate fronds.

Honestly, I think it is stunning, Angela, and I stand in awe”.

Check the opening times for AceArts here before visiting to see all the work.