A difficult year for apples

I have just read that “the English apples & pear season this year is delayed by three weeks due to unfavourable weather conditions. Heavy rain, cold temperatures and frost damage have affected some orchards causing the delay. This could result in apple prices rising by as much as 20%.
The Tree Council has reported on the affects of our unseasonal weather on young trees. Following the warmest March in 55 years we had wettest April in 100 years with more rain and high winds in May and June.  Young or newly planted trees are particularly vulnerable to high winds and flooding as they don’t yet have an established root system but there some simple steps you can take to protect your young orchard trees”.
Over the past two winters I have planted 270 cider apple trees, I shall be planting a further 150 this winter to complete my new orchard.  The first winter’s planting is looking good after a difficult first summer last year, the flowers escaped the frost and the young trees are bearing a good crop of apples.  The trees which were planted last winter put on good growth until the deer found them!  Deer fencing is going up as I type.
You can find out more from the Tree Care Campaign website: